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Aug 17, 2013 6:00pm EDT
the wartime prime minister, the man who had taken japan, as prime minister, into war against the us, britain and the netherlands, general tojo hideki. and this marks the beginning of a series of arrests of men who would stand trial under the terms of the potsdam declaration, which japan accepted when it capitulated, and unconditionally accepted the terms that would go into effect. c-span: couple of--i--i lose track of time, but john dower was here a year or so ago; he had won the national book award on a book about japan. here you are, just a year later, you won the pulitzer prize. >> guest: yes. i must say that john also won the pulitzer prize. yes. c-span: what is it about your book, do you think, got the pulitzer prize judges to give you the award? >> guest: that's a hard question. i think that the award may be seen as acknowledgment, recognition of the fact that the effort needed to be made--i had made it--to find out the truth about the showa emperor and the role he played in the war, and that the confrontation with the past history and memory is very important for japan at this junctur
Aug 31, 2013 6:00pm EDT
schlesinger. and i noticed that there was a camera above us that was trained on brzezinksi, and brzezinksi began his remarks and i noticed some activity out of the left corner of my eye. president nixon had leaned forward, and he took a writing pad off of the table that the hotel had provided, he picked up a pen and i saw him scribbling something. and he passed the note to me, and i looked down and it said, "are you having a good time?" and i immediately turned the pad over because i didn't want the camera to pick up what he had written because he was supposed to be paying attention to what brzezinksi was saying. but to me that really illustrated the kind of person he was, that he was involved in all of these great events and really influencing american policy toward russia and having to worry about that, and yet at the same time he was concerned about my welfare and whether or not i was learning anything. c-span: there was a moment in the book you describe where you went to his house, and you were supposed to go to see him -- i think he was up on the third floor, and you caught him watchi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2